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. the latest development comes as secretary of state john kerry meets with russia's foreign minister in paris. up until this point, hasn't appeared much headway was being made in kerry's mission to get russia to stay out of the ukraine conflict. earlier this morning, kerry and the british foreign secretary tried to get the ukrainians and russians at the same table, but russia didn't show. >> we are missing one member, and hopefully we'll be meeting this afternoon. and in the meeting happening now, kerry is expected to push his counterpart to withdraw troops from the crimea region, an act the president calls an invasion. meantime, vladimir putin continues to deny an intention to take over that part of the country. back here in washington, we have just learned that the house could vote as soon as tomorrow on a $1 billion aid package for ukraine's new government. back to you, barbara. >> thank you. >>> now, target is making more changes after the security breach that affected millions of people. coming up, the announcement made just a few hours ago. >>> and on this ash wednesday, the pope is tal
, cutting 75 positions. >>> and we have breaking news. a verdict is in in the trial of kerry kennedy who was charged with driving while impaired. our live desks that been monitoring a press conference and we'll bring us up-to-date in a bit. >>> and we're also keeping a close eye on conditions in parts of california today. where they could get the most rain they have gotten in two years. and a political announcement, the congressional spouse wants to take her husband's job. stay with us. >>> a jury found kerry kennedy not guilty of driving while impaired. it was a unanimous decision. she was accused of being impaired when she crashed into a rack to tractor trailer in 2010. she said she accidentally took a sleeping pill instead of thyroid medication. >> we need to take a hard look at our criminal justice system in the united states to make sure that it really is just and that everyone in our country has true access to justice. >> kennedy said she's grateful for the verdict. she faced up to one year in jail. at the live desk. barbara. >>> last year, thousands of you had to stay home without
in ukraine. secretary of state john kerry is in kiev right now. he is meeting with the new ukrainian leaders that deposed the pro-russian president. the trip is meant to send a message to russia that the u.s. supports ukrainian sovereignty. it coincides with a major u.s. aid announcement. angie goff has more. angie? >> big financial support behind ukraine. treasury secretary jack lew saying the white house is working to give a $1 billion loan package to the country. he adds that money is going to go towards economic reforms to get ukraine back on its feet. it will also help with planning elections. meanwhile also this morning, russian president vladimir putin warned that sanctions against his country would backfire on the west. he warned that russia is not trying to take over the crimea region in the ukraine. he ordered troops recently place there had to pull back. critical of ukraine's new leaders, putin says that the fwost that ousted president viktor yanukovcyh is a coup. he says right now military force is not necessary. this is the first time we've heard from putin since russian troops
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3